This weekend ‘s speical a Lamson LiteSpeed 3..5 Hard Alox¬† This reel is listed at $675.00 but this week end I have this reel at $550.00 there is one reel only.

Good reports from the Delta with smelting fish having turned up One gent from Omori landed twelve on a slow sink line with a smelt fly. At this time of year the fish do come and go depending what the smelt are up to.

A happy angler in this morning stocking up on flys who gort monstered on the river yesterday a drowned green bettle is working well during the day. Below is the special for the weekend Another Lamson Velocity 3 this reel is marked at $495.00 how ever this week end it is at the keen price of $395.00 e mail or ring if interested in either reel.

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